Drive safely when no eyes can help.

Can you imagine using an autonomous vehicle that can't hear? Neither can we! 

That's why we developed AutoHears. The first acoustic sensing system that hears everything going on around you to help you drive safely even when no eyes can see!

Autohears in action

AutoHears puts Perfection in Autonomous Vehicles

If you can hear the objects around you, why can't your autonomous vehicle do the same?

Not only can AutoHears detect objects from all angles, but it can classify and localize these objects even when nothing is visible due to darkness or fog.

Vehicle Detection

Save valuable seconds detecting and localizing emergency vehicles even before they appear on the horizon. In an urgent life or death situation, AutoHears can provide the assistance you need not just for detecting these vehicles, but also for interpreting police commands to take appropriate actions.

Safety is
always first!

Imagine your vehicle being able to sense various safety events, such as a nearby collision, a honking horn or a nearby explosion. Especially in an autonomous fleet management system, your vehicles can avoid dangerous areas or routes and inform other vehicles or the authorities about such occurrences.

Think beyond
360° view!

In contrast to vision based systems, AutoHears can hear beyond the conventional 360° field of view. Being able to detect objects and dangerous events such as sirens even when they're obstructed by walls or vehicles makes AutoHears a necessity to avoid collisions at dangerous intersections and curves.

Enabling Difficult NCAP Scenarios

The AEB system has always struggled with obscured scenarios and false activations. Adding AutoHears to your portfolio doesn't just enable you to detect objects before they are seen, but it gives you the confirmation of an additional sensor before taking severe actions such as a full brake.

Why should we just hear others?

Subconsciously we all rely on our hearing to assess the performance of our own vehicles. Moreover when something is wrong while driving, we even diagnose the vehicle faults using sounds. Whether it is the wear in the brake pads, the tear in the serpentine belt or a faulty muffler, you can rely on AutoHears detecting that for you! 

Don't worry about natural disasters

A lot of natural disasters such as rock falls or tornados can be heard before they are seen, if they are ever even seen. Starting today, you never have to worry about not hearing a nearby avalanche or rockfall while driving uphill as AutoHears will be doing that for you.


What AutoHears Offers From The Sound?

Safety Events Detection

Detect, classify and localize all acoustic events in the vehicle surroundings such as sirens, horns, nearby collisions and much more!

Object Detection

Localizing objects through their sound not just by their angles but by their distances and velocities is nothing less than cutting edge.

Ambience Detection

Whether it is road type detection or weather detection such as rain and wind, AutoHears can help your vehicle have a better understanding of its surroundings.

Situation Interpretation

To know there is an object or an event in your surroundings is one thing, but to interpret this information and deduce plausible decisions out of it is another thing. AutoHears can help you take action only when you should.

Ego Vehicle Diagnosis

The performance of the vehicle engine as well as a lot of vehicle faults can be detected and diagnosed through sound. AutoHears can assist you by listening on your behalf.

Speech Recognition

AutoHears can interpret public address systems such as the ones attached to emergency vehicles. If a police officer addresses you, the text can be interpreted directly by your vehicles. This helps as well for understanding vehicle commands from outside the vehicle.


AutoHears delivers the full system

As a sensing system, AutoHears delivers the full system stack including the electronics, its mechanical enclosure as well as the basic software than runs the sensing features.

All system components undergo the standard "ISO/IEC 33001" ASPICE procedures for design, development and testing.

The standards for functional safety (ISO 26262) as well of Safety Of The Intended Functionality (SOTIF - ISO/PAS 21448) are an integral part of the AutoHears mindset.


The Full V-Cycle

AutoHears development includes the entire V-Cycle from system and requirements engineering to system testing.

Each domain (e.g. Software or Mechanics) as well as the entire system goes through the full process from specification and design till domain and system verification and validation.



AutoHears is a product of Avelabs LLC. Avelabs is a future focused supplier of embedded solutions and services for the automotive industry. Avelabs provides services and solutions in a variety of areas that include AUTOSAR, Embedded Linux, Model-Based Development, Functional Safety and Autonomous Driving.

AutoHears is the first product designed to be a full acoustic sensing system. After a long history in ADAS and autonomous driving, the AutoHears team have been working on acoustic sensing since 2018. With expertise in algorithm development, machine and deep learning, hardware and mechanical design, the team is able to cover all aspects of the full system development.